Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Wind Chime Point

Last month I reviewed the first novel in Sherryl Woods' new series (you can catch up here.) Wind Chime Point is the second novel in the Ocean Breeze trilogy and, once again, Woods provided a sweet and entertaining romance.

Here's the synopsis:
Facing a personal crisis, ambitious and driven Gabriella Castle retreats to the welcoming arms of her family. Everything she's worked for has been yanked out from under her, and she seeks the serenity of her grandmother's home on the North Carolina coast. With difficult decisions to make about her future, the last thing she wants is an unexpected love.
Wade Johnson fell for Gabi the first time he saw her. It's not the only time he's found himself in the role of knight in shining armor, but Gabi isn't looking for a rescuer. To get her to stay, Wade will need a whole lot of patience and gentle persuasion… and maybe the soothing sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze.
I was a little hesitant about this one because I wasn't a huge fan of Gabi in the first book. I didn't dislike her, I just wondered if I'd want to read a whole book about her. She was so closed off and secretive and I didn't know how I could deal with her personality. Happily, I ended up really liking her, and her story, in book two. A bunch of life changes force her to reevaluate everything she's ever worked for and I think it changes her personality for the better.

I liked that we got to know more about Samantha, the sister who will be the focus of the final book. I think that's what my issue was going into this one - I didn't feel like I knew enough about Gabi. I knew who she'd end up with (and I know who Samantha will end up with) but I had no idea what her story would involve. There were more details given for everyone and everything, really, so I think that's what made me like this one a little bit more than book one. I finished Wind Chime Point being really excited for book three (which I just downloaded this week and will probably read this weekend because I just can't wait!) which I think is a sign of a good series.

I love the setting of these books. There's something about a beach town that I just love - maybe because I grew up surrounded by fabulous beaches. The quaint town complements the wonderful family ties that are so strong in this series. I love reading about the relationship between the sisters, they're so close but they bicker as siblings do, as well as the relationship they have with their grandmother. Cora Jane is one sassy lady and I think she's fabulous.

Overall, I think Wind Chime Point was a great addition to the Ocean Breeze series by Sherryl Woods. As I mentioned, I'm so excited to read Sea Glass Island to see how the story will end. Romance lovers should definitely check out this sweet and enjoyable series.

*A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.*

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