Monday, May 27, 2013

A Bunch of Mini Reviews

Welcome to my first batch of mini reviews! My friend Natalie over at Browsing Bookshelves does a version of this called Ten Second Reviews and I've "stolen" her idea. I have so many reviews I wanted to write so I could acknowledge the books I read but I lacked a lot of time to do full reviews. I hope you enjoy them!

The Second Assistant - Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare
This was one of those early chick lit novels (it was released in 2004) that I had been meaning to read for years but just never got around to it. I saw it at my local library and decided to give it a shot. The novel follows Lizzie as she leaves her political job behind and moves to Hollywood to work as a second assistant to an agent. I found it to be a cross between Lauren Weisberger's novels The Devil Wears Prada (full disclosure: I have yet to read the book but I do love the movie) and Everyone Worth Knowing. I had to keep reminding myself to stop comparing it to her books because just because I read/watched those first doesn't mean that this one wasn't as good. This one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger so I really need to get back to the library to get The First Assistant. I had fun reading The Second Assistant and think other chick lit lovers would enjoy this one too.

Best Friends Forever - Jennifer Weiner
I love Jennifer Weiner so when I was looking for an audiobook (my very first audiobook!) for a road trip to Ottawa I was happy to find Best Friends Forever on my library's shelf. My drive was about six hours each way so I wanted to make sure I got a book I knew I'd like and one that would be long enough to last for the majority of my drive. Well. I have a bone to pick with my library. I knew to check to see if it was abridged or not, I'm not totally new. However, the part of the jacket/case that said it was abridged was cut off and I didn't realize it was adapted for audio until it was finished. And I still had four hours of driving ahead of me. Le sigh. Anyway. That's not really the point. The point is that this was a great read, er, listen. It had a serious plot (check out the Goodreads page to get an in depth synopsis) that discussed weight issues, assault, friendships, mental illness, and infidelity. I was invested in the characters, especially Addie, and wanted everything to work out for them. Apparently I really wanted to read this one because I discovered a hard copy on my shelf a week later that I bought at a book sale last year. *Facepalm* Final verdict of this novel: read it. It was a good one.

A Life That Fits - Heather Wardell
I also love Heather Wardell. I have read eight of her twelve novels and I have loved every single one of them. I've put this book in my mini review pile because I'm running out of ways to gush about her books but still wanted to acknowledge this great novel. Alex was an interesting character and one that I enjoyed learning about. I was invested in her attempt to change her life after her boyfriend of fourteen years walks out on her. Romance is never the main focus of Wardell's novels but almost always plays a large role. The romance in this one is probably one of my favourites. It was both sweet and steamy and I was rooting for the couple. One of the things I love about Wardell's novels are the cameos that pop up in each one. I've been bopping around her list so I hadn't realized that I should have already known some of the characters in All At Sea, which I read last October. If you haven't yet tried Wardell's novels I cannot recommend them enough. They're all just so amazing and well written stories. Bonus: her first, Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo is free at all ebook retailers (check out Kobo,, and You can't lose. Trust me!


  1. Grrr! Annoying abridged audiobooks! I'm glad you still enjoyed the story though! I'm also glad that you liked my mini review idea! It's been two weeks since I've blogged about I feel like another round of mini reviews will be happening on my blog soon too.

  2. First audio EVER?! Really? Oh, my bookish twin, I can't believe it! I absolutely adore audios and couldn't live without them. It's so easy to go to and just download to my phone, that way I have it everywhere I go. I wouldn't be able to read half of the books I read without having the audio on my trusty phone in my pocket at all times. I really hope you enjoyed the audio as much as you would have the physical book. I really adore audios... though I have to admit, when it's a narrator I don't care for, it can sometimes ruin the whole story for me. But I've only come across that maybe once or twice, and I listen to audios every day.

    Anyway, I digress...

    Glad to see you enjoyed all three of these! Oh, and I love Wardell. :)


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