Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jane Austen (Re)Read-a-Long

It's no secret that I love Jane Austen. But I have a confession: I actually haven't read all six of her novels. Oh, the shame! I decided 2014 was the year to change that. Together with some friends I'll be reading (or rereading) all of Austen's novels this year. Since they're lengthy and wordy, I figured it'd be best to read one every two months. After much thought we decided to read the novels in order of publication so here is the reading schedule for this challenge!

January/February - Sense and Sensibility (1811)
March/April - Pride and Prejudice (1813)
May/June - Mansfield Park (1814)
July/August - Emma (1816)
September/October - Northanger Abbey (1818, posthumously)
November/December - Persuasion  (1818, posthumously)

I'm interested to see if Pride and Prejudice remains my favourite or if Persuasion overtakes it. I'm also looking forward to finally reading Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey.

This is just a fun little challenge for my friends and I but you are more than willing to read along with us. It's going to be very informal with me posting my thoughts at the end of the second month, and maybe the thoughts of my friends if they send me snippets as they read. We'll have to see how it all plays out. I'm looking forward to a very all things Austen sort of year!


  1. Great! Check out my blog

  2. Haha, I just picked up today Sense and Sensibility with decision to re-read it. I'm definitely joining you in this adventure!

  3. Sounds like fun! I might just join along! Also....can't wait for our Jane Austen talk on Wednesday! Hope its fun!


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