Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Favourites with Heather Wardell

I started this "favourites" feature because I wanted a way for readers to get to know the authors attending BookBuzz Toronto, an event I'm helping with. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about these amazing women and I hope you can attend the event! Learn more about BookBuzz Toronto here.

First up is author Heather Wardell. She's the author of thirteen novels, twelve of which are included in her Toronto series. You can download her first novel, Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo, for free! (And you's excellent!)

About Heather... 
Growing up, I was an avid (rabid?) reader. I am a natural speed reader, regularly clocked at about 1200 wpm (I read Harry Potter 5 in just under three hours), and always have several books on the go, nearly all in e-book form on my Kindle.
I have always made up stories in my head, but never considered becoming a writer. Instead, I intended to be a high school music teacher. I was sidetracked by my enjoyment of my psychology courses in university, and ended up with a psychology degree with a concentration in computer science.
This took me to a major Canadian bank as a software developer. I stayed there for just over four years, and then went back to school to become an elementary school teacher. After four years teaching elementary school computer science, I took up the National Novel Writing Month challenge and attempted to write a novel in a month.
I succeeded, and the first draft of "Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo" was the result. I realized I love writing. I left teaching, and I haven't looked back since!
In my non-writing time, I read, run, swim, crochet, take care of my 55 gallon aquarium and my cat Trinity, and play drums and clarinet. Generally not all at once.

Movie - Hot Fuzz (brilliantly filmed, a great story, and hilarious)
Chick flick - Bridget Jones's Diary
Alcoholic beverage - pina colada
Warm beverage - whole-milk latte (just espresso and milk - delicious!)
Junk food - dark chocolate, the darker the better
Dessert - 'hof dessert' (not sure of spelling!) - this was apparently the favorite of some Danish king and my half-Danish mother serves it every year at Christmas - baked meringues topped with whipped cream and melted chocolate. SO GOOD. Insanely rich. Wouldn't be Christmas without it.
Store - Chapters-Indigo (or Barnes and Noble when I'm in the States)
Travel destination - New York City, specifically Manhattan - there's an energy there I feel nowhere else! I spent a month there in 2012 and two weeks in 2013 and I would move there in a heartbeat.
Ice cream flavour - mint chocolate chip
Author - Marian Keyes
Song - Jason Aldean's "Only Way I Know" - such a great "head down and get 'er done" message, plus I love singing along and copying his country twang
Band - Meat Loaf - I love his over-the-top energy and the way he does his own thing
Animal - given that my first book is "Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo" and every book since has included the words 'polar bear' at least once, I'd have to say... squirrel. (Blogger note: This totally cracked me up! Heather, you are too funny!)
Book boyfriend - the guy (whose name I've forgotten!) from Sophie Kinsella's "Remember Me". Such a great book and such a sweet guy!

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