Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Chick Lit Challenge Read #1: Unravelled

For my November Chick Lit Challenge read I decided to read something a little cozy. And what's cozier than a book with a ball of yarn on the cover? Unravelled by (Canadian!) Robyn Harding was a fun read.

Here's what this book is all about, courtesy of Goodreads:

Beth wasn't sure that joining a knitting club would fill the void created when she left her commitment phobic boyfriend and moved in with a kooky roommate, but it was worth a try. Even more than a hobby, Beth needed a new circle of friends to help her rebuild her life.

Together the club knit scarves, sweaters, and the bonds of friendship. Beth even started dating again - and this time she was doing it right! But Beth soon discovers that her new man has a secret so shocking it could end their relationship - and worse, destroy the best group of friends she's ever had. Unravelled is a hilarious tale of knitting, betrayal, and the power of friendship.
This was a book that I picked up on a library trip. I almost missed it but while I was wandering through the stacks the Canadian sticker on the spine and the interesting title caught my eye. I admit, it sat in my library pile for probably six or seven weeks before I finally picked it up to read (I kept renewing it...hope no one else wanted it!). I'm glad I did because it was an enjoyable read even if it doesn't quite make it to my favourites list.

There was a bit of craziness in this book that just didn't quite suite my tastes. Beth was one of those women with a deadline - she wanted to be married by a certain age and have kids by a certain age. I guess I can understand that to a point but I think putting these restrictions on yourself and your relationships creates unnecessary tension. I do appreciate that Beth really finds herself during the course of this novel. If a character makes me go through all sorts of stuff with her throughout the course of the novel I want her to change for the better, otherwise I find the book to be a waste of my time. Anyone else feel like that? When a character is obviously flawed but doesn't make any changes to their life to make it better? Happily, Beth was not one of those characters and I like how her story ended up.

There are a ton of supporting characters in this novel but I think they all could have used a little more development. For example, I couldn't quite understand why Angie and Beth were best friends. There are little glimpses of a good girlfriend here and there but for the most part Angie was totally absorbed with herself. I do, however, like that there are a lot of secondary characters because it meant there were lots of people available to help Beth on her journey.

There's an unexpected twist near the end of the novel that I did not see coming. I love when that happens because sometimes too many clues are given away during the course of the story and I figure out exactly what's going to happen. This twist is slightly outrageous but it totally fits with the feeling of the rest of the book. Even though it was a little bumpy getting to the resolution, I liked how Harding ended Unravelled.

Way back in January I made a resolution to learn how to knit because of another book series (the first in the series is The Friday Night Knitting Club and I suggest you give it a try!). There was something about a group of women getting together and bonding over this craft that really intrigued me. I did pretty well with my knitting for awhile but eventually it became a nice fixture on my end table. Once I read Unravelled though, I decided to pick it back up. It's not the prettiest knitting but I'm determined to create something with it. Even if it's a slightly wonky looking scarf.

Overall, I liked this book. I didn't love it but I definitely didn't hate it. I think other chick lit lovers would enjoy it too so if you happen to pass it at your own library I suggest you pick it up and give it a try.

Happy reading...and knitting! :)

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