Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions and Gold Medal Hockey Games

It's the most wonderful time of year people! The gold medal game of the World Junior Hockey Championship is happening as we speak. Er, write. For those folks who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a link. Educate yourselves :)

To the point of this post - resolutions! I know we're five days into 2011 already, but between all the Christmas craziness (have I mentioned I work in retail too? Ugh.) and seeing family and then getting sick, I haven't had time to really put together some resolutions. So, here are my ten that I came up with. Some are more serious, some are not, but they are all fairly important. Enjoy!

1. Be a better friend - I've got to keep in touch better, whether it be by phone, email, snail mail, text, Facebook, or smoke signals, I want to make sure that my friends and I are staying connected.

2. Read more, particularly, I want to read more than just chick lit (yes, I am doing a Chick Lit Challenge, but this is new for me and it will expose me to more novels than I would have otherwise) I'd love to get away from the pretty much all fiction that I read and find some non-fiction to dive into as well.

3. Be more organized - my new place is still a mess and I'm not totally set up. I must change that as it is driving me crazy!

4. Keep track of the books that I read and have some sort of rating system. I can never remember what I've read throughout the year!

*I interrupt this list to inform you that I am having a minor heart attack, as Russia just scored twice in 11 seconds. Oh boy*

5. Learn to knit. Laugh if you will, but this is the power great novels have on me (Friday Night Knitting Club, excellent series!!!)

6. Enjoy life and stop worrying so much about money - there is no way that I can do a total flip and spend too much, it's just not the way I was raised! :)

7. Kick ass at work and not be scared and/or stressed out about being in charge of fundraising starting in March.

8. Take at least one fundraising course at Georgian College starting in September, and I will not let it stress me out!

9. Write a story. Just for kicks :)

10. Keep up with this blog all year - and beyond.

Oh boy, Russia's tied it. Alright, time for me to sign off and send tons of good luck waves to my Canadian boys. Let me know what your resolutions are for this year, I'd love to hear some :)


  1. I gave you an award on my blog!

  2. I like the list, although I think you do a pretty good job of #1 already (at least for me lol) I'm also usually terrible at keeping in touch with friends I don't see, so I think in your case I'm somehow doing a much better job than usual, hopefully you agree!
    I suck at resolutions myself, I always have trouble carrying them through, but I do have two that I want to work on. The first would be to work harder in school this semester...I slacked a lot last semester and my grades reflect that. Sigh.
    The second one would be to try to get back into the habit of submitting stories to magazines to try and get something published...even just a small scale effort, if I submit two or three things, that'd be better than last year when I did none. So hopefully I will manage to do at least those two things! I'll keep you posted.

  3. Awesome resolutions!
    Great psot in general!

  4. I'm sorry I took so long to read this post! But hey, better late then never, right?

    Great resolutions! Did I ever tell you I know how to do basic knitting? (Meaning squares or rectangles... My Barbies were never cold! lol)
    Maybe we should look into finding How To books and teach ourselves (but together) how to do it?

    I also like the one about not worrying about money as much... You don't have to go throwing it around but you also don't need to be stuffin' it under your mattress. You work hard for what you get so you need to have fun at some point in your life. (By the way, I have no problem being involved in that fun lol)

    Anyhoo I better get back to work, (seeing as I am being paid right now haha) Keep up the awesome posts! :)


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