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Author Guest Post: Lacy Camey

I read Lacy Camey's novel The Last Page for a blog tour organized by Samantha at Chick Lit Plus. You'll get my review on Saturday but today you get to read a guest post that Lacy so kindly wrote for Books Etc. Read on to find out why she writes so many different genres. And don't forget to check back for my review of The Last Page!

The Lovely Lacy
Thanks for having me today. When it comes to watching entertaining stories via film, I’d rather watch a psychological thriller, like “Shutter Island” with Leo DiCaprio or “Inception”. (Ha, again with Leo. He’s such a good actor!) Surprising, huh? A girly girl who loves psychological thrillers over chick-lit romantic comedies? But when it comes to relaxing and watching a favorite repeat movie, I’ll watch a good chick-lit at home any day with a nice cup of tea.

There is a part of me that loves mysterious, thought provoking stories. I’m also a huge lover of researching secret societies and conspiracy theories. In 2010, I’m pretty sure I spent over 100 hours of my free time researching!

It was out of my research that I felt compelled to outline the story for “The Chosen Alpha”. The main character is 18 and a freshman in college. So, this book may be released as YA. All she wants in life is to be a respected songwriter and stay true to her personal musical style. However, she gets introduced to a powerful secret society and thinks it’s nothing but a harmless fraternity of sorts. How wrong she is…

Because I’m very impressionable, I dream every night. I have to be careful what I surround myself with because I feel it affects me. That’s why I like to stay positive because I feel it helps me stay creative, focused and on track-hence fun, light chick-lit. But a part of me can’t help but be drawn to writing this story!

Finishing the supernatural thriller will need to be written during a special time where I have the proper strength, endurance and focus. I feel torn at times with writing it because there is an element of writing about darkness that can be challenging. Yet, sometimes the only way to show light and good prevailing is to have it around the darkness, exposing it in the first place. I want to show how good triumphs over evil. I know I have a story to tell, now it’s just up to if I can handle writing it!

On other genres, my husband and I are writing currently, “The Grape Picker” – a classic love story that will be out in February 2012.

I think the writing style in “The Grape Picker” is more intricate and explanatory. There is a lot to explain in the story. Where in my chick lit, light chick lit in opinion, is just that, -light. Sometimes things aren’t explained as thoroughly, in attempt to keep a light story. They’re just cute stories, where you feel good, nothing major.

But “The Grape Picker” is a huge process, very intricate, with lots of back story. I think that will be seen physically, as well, as it’s twice the length of The Last Page! Picture the movie “A Walk in the Clouds” meets “The Notebook”. -  Lots of heart, lots of love, lots of obstacles, and lots of prejudices to overcome, but beautiful love in the end.

So why do I write in many genres? I just can’t help the so many stories I have in me to tell. I also have a modern sci-fi YA romance book idea. Imagine that. It originated out of a dream I had.

I hope if you like classic love stories like Nicholas Sparks, you’ll check out my book in February with its tentative release. If you’d like to stay up to date, please visit my website. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Great guest post Lacy! can't wait to read your review Kaley :)


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