About Me

Hey there! My name's Kaley and I'm the voice behind Books Etc. I started this blog in November 2010 as a way to write about one of my favourite things - books.

I've been surrounded by books for as long as I can remember. I credit my mom with my love of reading. She never discouraged my sister and I from reading even when we should have been doing something else, like cleaning our room or doing our homework. My love of books even translated into my first two jobs. I worked at my town's public library all through high school and then at a bookstore while in university and just after I graduated. My favourite thing about those jobs (and the only thing I miss, if I'm being honest) was being able to talk about books to customers all day. This blog is a way for me to continue that. I will happily chat about books to anyone who will listen, and sometimes even to those who won't!

You'll see a lot of chick lit books reviewed on this blog because it's my favourite genre. I think this stems from wanting to read something light and fun in between all the textbooks I had to read at university. I try to read other novels as well but I always seem to come back to chick lit. I'm open to suggestions so please contact me if you have a title you think I might like!

Every once and awhile you'll see a post that doesn't have anything to do with books. For the most part, these non-book posts will have something to do with television or movies. I like to talk about what I love and if I'm really passionate about a show or movie, well, you'll get to hear about it!

I hope you have as much fun reading the posts on Books Etc. as I have writing them. I try to keep things light and funny. If I don't love a book I will not bash it because I don't think that's fair to the author. I give my honest opinion and let other readers make up their own minds.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading :)