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Blog Tour: When Girlfriends Find Love

I can't believe Savannah Page's When Girlfriends series is over! I've read all but the first so when I saw CLP Blog Tours was hosting a tour for When Girlfriends Find Love I immediately signed up. I've grown to love the six friends featured in this series and I knew I had to see how their stories would be wrapped up in the seventh and final book.

Here's the synopsis:
Sophie Wharton is in control. Whether life is going according to plan or throwing her for a loop, Sophie is determined to remain calm and in charge. It's no wonder she's the successful owner of one of Seattle's most charming cafés, The Cup and the Cake. Her lemon meringue cupcakes, petite French treats, and cappuccinos always leave customers coming back for more. Naturally, her camaraderie of college girlfriends are still thick as thieves a decade later. And it should come as no surprise that she has her own cozy apartment in the hip part of town and grand goals for her future.
Of course Sophie has had her share of rough times, and recently some unexpected surprises have emerged. Her best friend Claire has moved across the state, the demands of her café are mounting, and some major changes among her circle of friends are shaking things up. But it's nothing Sophie can't handle.
When it comes to her love life, however, Single Sophie's at a loss. She approaches it the way she does nearly everything in life--by trying to call all the shots. But love doesn't work that way, and as Sophie examines her past relationships--thinking back on romantic trysts in Paris; college mistakes; the relationship responsible for the Year of Heartbreak--she must come to accept that love is an unpredictable, untamable, and often unexpected force.
This is the witty and heartwarming conclusion of the When Girlfriends collection, a novel about examining the past, moving forward, and following your heart. It's a story about friendship, relationships, acceptance, and learning to love again. About what happens when girlfriends find love.
Because I've read (most of) the other books in the series, I already had a feeling I knew who Sophie would end up with. I didn't have a problem with that, exactly. My annoyance came from Sophie herself. She was resisting her feelings so much and I wanted to reach through the pages and shake her! I think my issue was that I couldn't understand why she was so hesitant to get into a relationship that she so clearly wanted. They were in their late twenties and by this point you should be able to talk about your feelings. (I can say this as someone in her late twenties.) This wasn't exactly a huge deal but I kind of did have the "ok, let's get this show on the road" feeling and may have turned the pages a bit too fast so I could just get to the conclusion. I was actually really happy with the romantic conclusion for Sophie (and Lara too!) and there was a twist thrown in that I was only sort of expecting. Yay, Sophie! :)

What I did really have a problem with was that Page seemed to repeat herself. A lot. I lost count of the number of times Sophie mentioned how she and Robin had had the hardest friendship test but Sophie forgave Robin because their friendship was worth more to her than her past romantic relationship with Brandon (quick recap: Brandon and Robin slept together when he was still with Sophie and Robin got pregnant.) There were other instances where Page told the same information again and again (and not in any new ways), plus Sophie was a broken record in regards to her feelings because she couldn't possible make a relationship with him work! Bah. I think this was a case of the novel needing one more edit and, unfortunately, it negatively coloured my feelings on the overall story.

All that being said, I did enjoy reading this book! I read it in one day (essentially in one sitting, actually!) because I was so into and invested in the story. I really like "hanging out" with these characters because they're all around my age and I can relate quite well to their stories and issues. I have to commend Page on really nailing the inner workings of the minds of late twentysomethings. 

As I said, I can't quite believe When Girlfriends Find Love is the final book in the When Girlfriends series. I really came to love the girls in this series (some more than others, of course) and it was hard to say goodbye. It was made better, however, because I really felt that Savannah Page wrapped things up exactly as they should have been. Check out this series if you haven't yet!

*A copy of this novel was provided by CLP Blog Tours in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.*

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About the Author
Savannah Page is the author of the seven-novel When Girlfriends collection, heartfelt women's fiction that celebrates friendship, love, and life sprinkled with drama and humor. When she isn't writing, Savannah enjoys a good book with a latte and jazz tunes, Pilates, and exploring her home of Berlin as an American expat.

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