Friday, June 26, 2015

New Cover Reveal: Finding Lucas

When I first heard about Finding Lucas a few years ago, I never imagined I'd become friends with the author. Samantha Stroh Bailey has become such a cheerleader for me, always with a kind, hilarious, or helpful word for me. I had been talking with her for a little while when I finally read her novel and, luckily, I loved it! My review from 2013 is here.

I'm so thrilled to share the brand spanking new cover for this book. I absolutely adore it!

But! Before I do, I want to share the synopsis with you, in case you haven't clicked on my review link yet!
Can you ever really go back to the past?
After five long years of living with Derek, her former bad-boy-turned-metrosexual boyfriend, Jamie Ross finally reaches her breaking point. She's had enough of his sneering disdain for her second hand wardrobe, unusual family and low-paying job as the associate producer of Chicago's sleaziest daytime talk show. When her new boss plans a segment on reuniting lost loves, Jamie remembers Lucas, her first love and the boy she'd lost ten years earlier. Spurred on by her gang of quirky friends, Jamie goes on a hilarious, disastrous and life changing hunt to track Lucas down. But are some loves best left behind?
Now, to reveal the cover!

Ah! Isn't it just completely delightful?

If you want to buy the book (you totally should) or find out more about Samantha (again, you should), check out the links below!


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  1. Thank you so much, Kaley! How happy am I that we've become friends, snuggled with chips in my hotel room bed, and conquered NYC together. You're the best!


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