Saturday, October 19, 2013

Touring My Bookshelves: Update 1

Since we last talked about my bookshelves, I've done some rearranging of my house. I decided that was a good time to shake up my shelves since I had to take all the books off to move the shelf anyway! I'll split this up into two posts so it won't be crazy long because of all the pictures.

First up, my upstairs bookshelf:

This shelf is now mostly for the books I don't plan on reading in the immediate future. Of course I will want to read them eventually but I have a whole other shelf plus all the review books I need to get to before these!

Such a random selection of books - purchased, gifted, won. Plus my pretty bunny from my BFF and (almost) all of my LEGO figures (still no librarian...grrrr).

This is the hardcover a few paperbacks that just didn't fit on other shelves. Again, there's a mishmash of won, gifted, and purchased books on here. Plus more bunnies. And a giraffe my sister's friend made! Isn't it awesome?

This shelf is almost only books I got while doing my internship at Random House. Crazy! I think 8 of the 20 came from other sources.

Here you'll find non-fiction titles on the left (some I've read, some I haven't) and YA titles on the right (all unread). Plus my Nintendo DS, stress balls (er, stress food?), and some funny looking hedgehogs.

Other than the Beautiful Creatures set (which I won), I've read all of these books on this mess of a shelf. 

So there we have it! This is the shelf in my bedroom where I sort of shoved all the books I won't be reading soon. Sorry to any authors on this shelf! Eek. 

I'll share my living room shelf (where I'm keeping all the books I want to read asap) in a few days!

Happy reading :)


  1. Ugh. My bookshelves (aka my closet) is so unorganized! I can't wait to have my own bookshelves so that I can make them nice and pretty like this!

  2. I love that I supplied you with a fair amount of the knick knacks on your shelf haha


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