Thursday, June 13, 2013

CLP Blog Tours: Meeting Miss Mollie

Today is my stop on the CLP Blog Tour for Di Jones' latest novel, Meeting Miss Mollie. I read Jones' debut novel, Transplanting Holly Oakwood, awhile back (check out my full review here if you missed it) and while I didn't loooove it, it entertained me and had me looking forward to this next book. Meeting Miss Mollie was cute and funny but I found it a little lacking.

Here's the synopsis:
She’s the Agony Aunt who has it all. Except for one small problem – her life is a disaster.
Annabelle is a hard nosed writer with a good marriage, a nice flat, a thriving career at Adorn magazine and a busy social life. She has only one ambition – to be the best known Agony Aunt in the UK.
When her world is turned upside down by her husband’s infidelity she strikes out on her own and goes flatting with a jet setting businessman. But things in her new house aren’t quite what they seem and her problems mount.
Through her ups and downs, Annabelle forges a relationship with the strangest of friends and discovers the best things in life are those she always avoided.
The thing that bugged me the most about this novel was that it was told from multiple perspectives. This is not normally a big deal for me but in the case of Meeting Miss Mollie, there were just too many characters. I can deal with three, at most. This one had the three main characters (including the dog, Mollie, which was actually quite cute), as well as Annabelle's boss, Christian's ex-fiancee, and Annabelle's dad (I feel like I'm missing one but I didn't write them down). It was a little much. Jones did do a good job of making sure most events were covered and there wasn't any duplication of scenes. However, I think the multiple perspectives thing lost a little something at the end because I have no idea what happened between the last scene and the epilogue (I think it was an epilogue...must start writing these things down...also, needing to check things like this is why paper books are better than ereaders). I don't want to give anything away but I needed way more links and connections than I was given. Instead of being happy for the ending, I was left scratching my head.

Enough negative talk. I did have fun reading this book. It was a fairly quick read, as I don't think it quite hit 200 pages, and it was easy to sink into over the course of a weekend afternoon. The story was cute and had a lot of elements that kept it from being too typical. The fact that Mollie got to narrate parts of the book and share her own thoughts was highly entertaining.

Finally, I have to say that I really like the covers for Jones' novels. They're bright and simple but really fitting for the story. 

Overall, Meeting Miss Mollie was a nice read but it won't be making any favourite lists for me. That being said, I will keep an eye out for Di Jones' next work. Third time's the charm?

Happy reading :)

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