Thursday, February 14, 2013

CLP Blog Tour: Love at 11

Thanks for checking out my stop on the CLP Blog Tour for Love At 11! I've now read three books with a television news producer as the heroine and Mari Mancusi's novel is by far my favourite.

Here's the synopsis:
When Maddy graduated from Columbia University, she was ready to change the world. She'd get a job at Newsline, meet a nice guy, and live happily ever after with a real designer handbag on her arm. Five years later, she's stuck producing puff pieces for the local News 9 San Diego--where "if it bleeds, it leads." She's still single, her family's falling apart, and so is her knock-off Kate Spade.
Even a promotion--complete with hot camera guy--can't seem to turn her luck around. After all, the promotion means working with the most narcissistic anchor on the planet and hot camera guy Jamie? Well, he'd be perfect...except for that pesky model/actress fiancee of his.
But just as Maddy's ready to give up on her dreams, a secret scoop from her favorite knock-off purse guy has her suddenly chasing a huge lead. And Jamie is right by her side--in all the right ways. Can she bag the bad guy in an exclusive expose, put her family back together again, and win Jamie's heart? Stay's the story of a lifetime.
Maddy was a really fun character. So much fun, in fact, that I wanted to be her friend. I would have gladly sat by her side as she drank her sorrows away...and I would probably swoon over Jamie with her, too! I thought she was very real and likeable. She has some crazy problems in this book - her parents are splitting up, she's thrown into the mom role for her wild child sister, is struggling with ethical issues at work, and has fallen for a guy who's engaged. As I'm writing this, I realize it sounds like there's too much going on but it really didn't read like that. Everything flowed well and there was just enough drama without it getting ridiculous. Even though I wasn't crazy about the ending (I guess I like perfectly wrapped up stories!), I understand that not everything can be perfect. And that's all I'm going to say about that :)

I mentioned that I have already read a couple of books featuring news producers. I enjoyed those ones but I really liked Love at 11. I've been trying to figure out what exactly made it better than the others (better meaning I enjoyed it more, not necessarily better written, etc.) and I think I've settled on the fact that Maddy was younger than the other two heroines. I'm in my mid-twenties, just like Maddy. She's trying to figure out where to go with her career, just like me (though, admittedly, I'm still trying to decide what I want my career to be!). The other women were older, and one had a family. Nothing against those kinds of stories, there are many books I love that feature mothers, but I like when I can really relate to the character and I had that with Maddy.

I don't want to say much else about this novel because I think part of its greatness comes from the twists and turns of the mystery and romance. Overall, Love at 11 was a fabulous read and Mari Mancusi gives readers a little bit of everything - action, intrigue, and romance. I definitely recommend this one! Stay tuned for a guest post from Mari herself coming up tomorrow!

Happy reading...and Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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