Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon

I was scrolling through Twitter last night during a Castle marathon when I saw a tweet about Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon. I've heard of this before and I decided to finally investigate further. Then, once I read a bit about it, I decided to sign up. Less than 10 hours before the start of the event. And after drinking a few beers. Stellar decision making skills, right there. 

So what is this read-a-thon? Coming straight from their website:
For 24 hours, we read books, post to our blogs about our reading, and visit other readers’ blogs. We also participate in mini-challenges throughout the day. It happens twice a year, in April and in October. It was created by the beloved Dewey. The first one was held in October 2007. Dewey died in late 2008. We’re still saddened by her absence, but the show must go on. The read-a-thon was renamed to honor its founder in 2009.

I haven't necessarily been in a slump but I have been trying to work through a big biography as well as working full time and taking two distance ed courses. Combine all of that and my slow non-fiction reading skills and you've got a bit of a humdrum, slow reading period. I did the Random House Canada Olympic Read-a-thon in the summer and that helped me get a move on so I'm hoping this read-a-thon will do the same.

So what am I planning on reading today? Like I said, I'm trying to finish a biography (the new Mick Jagger one, to be specific). I'm just at the part where the Stones are starting to get big so I suspect things will start moving along a little quicker soon. I don't think I'll finish it, but I need to get more read asap.

I also want to finish the short story Eye of the Storm. I'm about halfway done and it's quite mysterious so far!

I would also like to start and finish One Pink Lineby Dina Silver. She asked me to review her novel ages ago and I'd like to read it this month because of a promotion she has going on. She will be donating $1 from every sale of her book to a charity. Pretty awesome, right?

I don't want to commit myself to too much. I'm realistic. After all, it's two and a half hours into the read-a-thon and I have yet to pick up a book. (I desperately needed a sleep in!) I am planning on trying to read in a couple of different places, too. My thoughts? My house, the gym, and a coffee shop. There are errands to be done today so I may as well treat myself to a tasty drink while I'm out!

I'll update this post throughout the day as I get some reading done.

Happy reading :)

Update #1
It's now approaching hour of the read-a-thon. I think. Numbers aren't really my thing. It started in my timezone at 8am and it's now 5pm so you can do the math and let me know if I'm wrong :) I thought I'd let you all know that I have failed on the reading in different places front. Too lazy to make it to the gym today! I have finished the short story and have read four chapters (123 pages) of the Mick Jagger bio. I have also gone to the bank and the grocery store, cleaned my plastic container cupboard, and put dishes away. Productive, no? It's been fun having a bit of a motivator in this read-a-thon to really get moving on the biography. I'm off to investigate some of the mini-challenges the organizers hold to see if I can participate a little more fully in this read-a-thon!

Update #2
Ah, the day after a read-a-thon. I feel happy with what I accomplished. I ended up reading a total of 224 pages of Mick Jagger. I'm just getting to some real craziness (their ex-guitarist just died, days after  Mick and Keith fired him) and am looking forward to the rest of it. I did one mini challenge (had to guess the titles of books based on partially hidden covers). Next time I'll plan this all out better instead of deciding the night before to participate :) Overall, I'm glad I took part and I'll be marking my calendars for the next read-a-thon in April!


  1. I think that joining the read-a-thon really was a stellar decision! Even participating to a small extent is great. Good luck for the rest of the read-a-thon, from a fellow Canadian!

  2. Hope you're hanging in there and having a great readathon! Keep it up!! :) #cheertamales

  3. You did great! I never get much reading during the readathon, but I always have fun.


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