Sunday, July 1, 2012

O Canada!

Happy Canada Day to all my lovely Canadian readers!

In honour of our country's birth I've decided to do a (very) little round up of some Canadian authors because, as Indigo puts it on their Pinterest board, the world needs more Canada.

Whenever anyone asks me about Canadian literature my first answer is always Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I adore Anne. In fact, I even had an Anne doll when I was growing up...and a picture...and bookmark...and little ceramic container with her straw hat as the lid...and...well, the list could go on and on. If I remember correctly, there was one summer when I was in my very early teens when I decided to read every single Anne book in one summer (that's 8 books in all, by the by). What can I say? The little red headed orphan grabbed me and I loved reading about her. I've seen the movie with Megan Follows numerous times and I've even seen a play. Sadly, I have yet to get to Prince Edward Island to see Green Gables but it's on my unofficial bucket list.

A more current Canadian author I'm absolutely in love with is Catherine McKenzie. She's written three novels so far - Spin, Arranged, and Forgotten (links lead to my reviews). Her books don't necessarily take place in Canada but the fact that she's from this great country (Montreal, to be precise) is pretty fantastic. Her books are now released in the US as well so American readers can now enjoy the awesomeness that are McKenzie's novels.

Through my blogging and challenge participation I've come across two fabulous Canadian chick lit authors - Kathleen Kole and Heather Wardell. My favourite of Kole's is definitely her latest - Favorable Conditions (review is here) and I haven't read a Wardell novel that I haven't liked. I am eagerly awaiting what both wonderful ladies come up with next.

There are so many other Canadian authors out there but I admit that I have not read nearly enough Canadian literature. Perhaps I'll make it a Canada Day Resolution to read more novels by authors from this great country. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Canada Day (or Sunday for those of you who aren't celebrating this particular holiday) filled with reading, sun, and fireworks.

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  1. would love to connect you with the Canadian Reading Challenge #6 that begins whenever you join but runs July 1 - July 1 the next year!
    it 's all about reading Canadian - authors or locations - and posting your review in the monthly linky so we can all learn of new Canadian authors/books! link info at my blog if you're interested..
    HaPpY Canadian Reading, Kaley :)


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