Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Tour: Nursing Second Chances

Welcome to a stop on the ABG Reads Nursing Second Chances blog tour! This novel by Maggie Greene was a quick and sweet read and I enjoyed the time I spent reading it.

Here's the synopsis:
Kiersten Hart left Honey Creek the minute she graduated high school and never looked back. When her sister Jeanine is widowed and left to raise two children alone, Kiersten moves back on a temporary basis. When Charles steps in and sweeps her off her feet, she has to decide if the wounds from her childhood can be mended.
After his wife died, Charles Webber swore he’d never love anyone again. He buried himself in his work and didn’t look up until he found out his son was sick. Moving to Honey Creek was supposed to make things easier. Kiersten does little to help keep things simple. Though he is taken with her, he soon realizes the casual relationship they agreed on is turning serious. As their expiration date approaches, Charles must decide if Kiersten is worth the risk.

I think I read this book at the perfect time. I had just finished an excellent but enormous book (an almost 600 page very descriptive, historical/magical novel) and needed something cute. Nursing Second Chances definitely delivered.

I didn't realize how short the book was (90-ish pages) as I was reading it on my Kobo and didn't really pay attention to the page count. I wish I had because that coloured my opinion for a little while. I thought things were moving crazy fast but it was just the nature of the, well, let's call it a novella. Once I got that straightened out, I liked the way the plot was moving a little bit more.

I was rooting for Charles the entire story. He seemed like such a great guy and a good father. I kept waiting for Kiersten to realize what she was potentially throwing away and this kept me engaged in the story.

I have to admit that Kiersten did drive me a little crazy while she was sorting through her issues. As much as I could understand what she was dealing with, I also agreed with Charles and her sister. She needed to let go and move on. I was happy that this book was as much about Kiersten's journey personally as it was about the romance.

Overall, I'd recommend Nursing Second Chances by Maggie Greene. It was cute, sweet, and romantic. It's a quick read and great for a Saturday at the beach or pool!

Make sure you check back tomorrow when Greene stops by to tell us a little bit about Charles and a giveaway she's holding. And trust me, you'll want to enter!

Happy reading :)


  1. Thanks so much for being apart of the tour!

  2. Very nice review! Sometimes we need a short, cute book. :)

  3. always like those 'lite' reads after dense involvement!
    thanks for clarifying the pace of the story in light of it's brevity ~ super helpful, Kaley :) great review..

  4. Nice review, especially about the characters.



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