Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Finished: Sex, Life, and Hannah

I had no idea what to expect when I was asked to review Sex, Life, and Hannah by Dorota Skrzypek. What I got was an amusing novella that chronicles a season (winter) in Hannah's life.

Here's what the first volume is about:
When Hannah’s boyfriend of five-and-a-half years breaks up with her on New Year’s Eve, Hannah is shocked, and stunned…before picking up a glass and throwing it at him. Forced to search for love in the battlegrounds of L.A. she finds herself agonizing over The Ex, trying to comfort herself in the neighbor’s bed, and falling in love…again? Surrounded by a colorful cast of characters, Hannah treads the infamous waters of heartbreak and heartache.
Hannah's love life is really not going the way she planned. She's had an on again, off again relationship with The Ex that she hadn't quite realized was massively unhealthy for both of them. Even after they broke up she wasn't able to recognize that they really should not have been together and instead seems to go into a tailspin. And that was quite humorous to read about.

The format of this book was really neat. It was laid out as if it was a magazine - which was fitting as it was a totally Cosmo-esque novella. All sorts of love, laughter, life, and, of course, sex. You could look at Hannah's life as a how-to or a how-not-to, which is sort of what Cosmo is like too. Some people may not like how the book was set up but I thought it was great.

The synopsis mentions a "colorful cast of characters" and, boy, is that right. Her neighbours - and close friends - are a hilariously gay couple, who aren't really a couple any more. And there's a possibly bisexual guy living with them. Talk about a recipe for hilarity. Oh, and did I mention that's the neighbour whose bed she ends up in? Too funny.

Hannah is definitely flawed and, even though that can be frustrating sometimes, it provides an entertaining story. Even though I wasn't totally in LOVE with this book I really want to find out what happens in Hannah's life. I'm looking forward to volumes two and three so stay tuned for more reviews!

Happy reading :)

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  1. Thank you for your insights on a must-read book! One can definitely learn from Hannah! :)


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