Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post: Lauren Clark

This week I reviewed Lauren Clark's second novel Dancing Naked in Dixie for the CLP blog tour (check out the review here if you missed it). Lauren was kind enough to provide a guest post for Books Etc. In the post she gives us a play list for her novel! There are some great songs in here and I hope you enjoy the list as I did :) 

Dancing Naked in Dixie Top Ten Playlist

There's nothing like a little music to get a party started, and there's plenty to celebrate in Dancing Naked in Dixie.

From sultry slow-burns to five-alarm infernos, there's a song for every situation in the story--and I think that my Top Ten fits perfectly! So, grab this playlist, turn up the volume, and cozy up with a copy of Dancing Naked in Dixie to enjoy this countdown of seductive, heart-pounding, pulse-racing, blood-pumping songs.


1. Montgomery Gentry - My Town - Showcases the true pride people feel about their hometown. This song is so raw, honest, and heartfelt.

2. Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried - There is nothing like the harmony on this song and the funky, funny lyrics that explain what Southerners love about the South.

3. Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? - Another great song by a girl-guy duo. It's all about the heady anticipation of a first kiss -- great stuff!  Thompson Square has toured with Macon, Georgia's Jason Aldean.                                                                                                                                       

4. Sugarland a/Matt Nathanson - Run - Did you see this video from the 2011 CMA Awards? Amazing performance, amazing song. Great Chemistry between MN and Jennifer Nettles.

You turn, turn, turn, turning me on
Like a slow fire burn 
I know that it's wrong
Still I run, run, run, run right into you

5. Lady Antebellum - Just a Kiss - This makes me think about Shug and Julia ... with her leaving to go back to New York ... and both of them wrestling with admitting that they are "right" for each other.

6. The Band Perry - All Your Life - Everyone's heard "If I Die Young," but All Your Life is all about what people do for love. So romantic. The lyrics talk about "I don't want the whole world ... I just want to be the only girl you love all your life."

7. Blake Shelton - Drink On It - Okay, I included this one because Blake Shelton is awfully cute and I loved hearing him joke around on The Voice. The lyrics are adorable and have that sexy suggestion of getting together ... later.

8. Keith Urban - Somebody Like You­ - I had a hard time choosing from all of his great songs. I've seen Keith Urban in concert and he is so talented.

9. Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Want to Stay - I've loved Jason Aldean since he came onto the music scene a few years ago. He's best known for his country-rock songs, but his ballads are lovely and ache with feeling. Kelly Clarkson, of course, has a fabulous voice. Performed at the 2012 CMAs.

10. Lynyrd Skynard - Sweet Home Alabama - You can't get any better Southern Rock than this. You just can't.

What do you think? Any other great Southern songs to include on the DIXIE soundtrack?


  1. Thank you Samantha! I loved coming up with the list ... and I spent Waaaay too much time on iTunes searching for that PERFECT TEN! (Oh, I wish that I could sing ... sigh ... only in the car with the radio turned up all the way and it's usually to Bon Jovi because my two boys love "Livin on a Prayer") LOL


  2. Thank you Kaley - I adore all sorts of music and for a very brief stint worked as a country music DJ ... It was for a station nicknamed "Froggy97" and my handle/name was Cricket. LOL. Everyone had frog-related names :) It was then I developed a love for country music. I don't care for anything too twang-y, but those songwriters can really tell a story!!!

    xx, Lauren

  3. Great guest post, Lauren! I'm usually not a big country fan... but boy, you have a GREAT list of songs there! :)


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