Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's International Chick Lit Month!

Celebrating Chick Lit!

Yesterday marked the first day of International Chick Lit Month. While I am not officially involved I wanted to share the links of those who are and talk a little bit about my favourite genre.

Here's where you can find all sorts of other stuff about this month and visit the sites of those organizing it:
Official site
Chick Lit Club
Chick Lit is Not Dead
Chick Lit Central

I hope to have some more posts this month about specific chick lit books and authors but for now, let me tell you why I enjoy the genre as a whole.

I used to find myself making excuses for reading only chick lit. "Oh, I wanted a break from my text books" was used quite often. There's a sort of stigma attached to the genre - that those who read and write chick lit don't have the brains to read or write anything more "literary." Not true. As time's gone on I don't find myself defending my reading choices as much as I used to. Is that because I no longer give a hoot about what others think or is it because those others are finally realizing that there can be substance behind those bubblegum pink, shoe adorned covers? Maybe it's a bit of both.

I used to work in a book store and for awhile I was the only one who enjoyed reading anything remotely close to chick lit. Some of my co-workers may have mocked chick lit readers in the past (you know who you are) but I like to think that I helped change their perception of the genre and those who love those books. But maybe I didn't and they just continued to make fun of me behind my back :)

I like reading other types of novels as well but I'm not about to force myself to read something just because it's a so-called literary masterpiece. For example, it seems like everyone and their brother has read the Millennium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and so on). I thought about reading it because I felt like I should but then I thought, why bother wasting my time? I want to read for pleasure and enjoy the book. Not read something just because everyone else is reading it.

Which brings me back to my love of chick lit. Yes, the stories can often be silly and frivolous and the covers look like they belong in a cupcake shop but there is so much more to this genre. The stories don't always focus on romance (though I always enjoy a good love story). There's usually something else going on other than "oh, will I ever find a man who loves me?" It could be family or friends or a career (or lack of one). Something else is always present other than the all important quest to find a husband.

Some of the "classics"

Basically, it comes down to the fact that I enjoy reading chick lit. It makes me feel good. I love the characters and I enjoy laughing, crying, and feeling right along with them as I read their stories. You can't read "literature" all the time. At least, I can't. I like fun and if others can't handle that and my love of this genre, that's too bad for them. I will always enjoy my candy coloured, martini covered novels and nothing's going to change that.

Happy reading! :)

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  1. As someone publishing their second chicklit novel later this month, I couldn't agree more. At first I shied away from the lable because I think it has a reputation of being shallow, but it doesn't have to be that way.


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