Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Finished: The Book of Awesome

If you've never heard of The Book of Awesome or the blog 1000 Awesome Things you are really missing out. I admit that I was a little critical when I first heard that the author of the blog was creating a book (ok, more than a little critical but my fellow booksellers - you know who you are - thought the same thing). Then I read it. *hangs head in shame* To author Neil Pasricha: I am sorry for thinking that the book was silly since you could read everything online anyway. I loved reading this book. It actually took me a while to get through all of it as it's one of those books that you pick up and read parts of but then don't read any more for a few weeks. Sort of like a coffee table book. But much funnier.

No idea what I'm talking about? The idea behind 1000 Awesome Things is pretty basic but brilliant. You know those little things in life that always make you smile no matter how you might be feeling? All of these awesome things have been compiled for your reading pleasure.

Here are some of my favourites from the book (and I've included the link from the blog where I can). This will give you an idea of what's found on the blog as well as providing a little more insight into me and my favourite things :)

- Bakery air
- Tripping and realizing no one saw you
- The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk
- A long hug when you really need it
- Laughing so hard you make no sound at all
- Solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the people on the show (equally awesome - knowing the answer on Jeopardy when the contestants don't)
- Getting served breakfast in bed
- The smell and sound of a campfire
- Remembering what movie that guy is from
- The smell of books (this link is actually the smell of a library, which I think is more awesome anyway)
- Snow falling on Christmas Eve
- Getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail
- Snow days

That is just a small portion of the many awesome things in this book. And there are countless others to be found on the blog and in the other two Awesome books, The Book of (Even More) Awesome and The Book of (Holiday) Awesome. My sister owns the other two as well so I anticipate many awesome evenings flipping through the books.

I encourage you to check out the site or even the book if you're so inclined. I love it because it makes you stop and smell the roses (or coffee aisle, or crayons, or freshly cut grass) and realize how many truly awesome things there are going on in life. This book also makes a great gift - graduation, Secret Santa, hostess, volunteers. It's thoughtful, amusing, and all around awesome.

Happy reading all you awesome people :)

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