Friday, December 2, 2011

Author Guest Post: Monique Domovitch

Monique Domovitch is currently on tour with Chick Lit Plus with her novel Scorpio Rising. While I haven't read this one (yet!) I am happy to present you all with this guest post Monique so kindly wrote for Books Etc. I took a look at her website and found that I really love how she decided to finally make a go of being a writer later in life. I hope you all enjoy this post, as I did!

I always knew I wanted to write, but it wasn’t until I retired that I decided, why not? Why couldn’t I do this? I didn’t have children living at home anymore, so bringing in a paycheck was no longer a priority.  
However, not needing the paycheck did not mean I didn’t want to be published. Before anything else, a writer is an entertainer, and much like a singer with a good voice would be dissatisfied singing only in the shower, I want readers to read my books. I need an audience for my stories. This meant that I had to treat writing just as I would any other business. I did my research. I found out what kind of fiction was selling. I created myself a private area where I go to write, and where—unless the house is on fire—no one is allowed to disturb me. I established a strict schedule—eight in the morning to four or five in the afternoon, and often later.  
Once I had the first draft of my manuscript completed, I decided that I needed an agent. But finding an agent is like searching for water in the Sahara. Publishers won’t look at a manuscript, unless its writer has an agent, but agents won’t represent you unless you have been published—yep, the old, familiar, catch twenty-two. That’s when I got a lucky break. I attended the San Diego Writers Conference and was discovered by agent Natalie Lacosil of Bradford Literary Agency. Two years later, I have two self-published novels, my Scorpio Series, and a three-book deal with Penguin for a murder-mystery series. I still pinch myself every day.
Okay, so far these are all steps that every writer must take, whether they are sixteen or sixty.  But the one advantage that age has given me is a wealth of knowledge, and experiences and emotions from which I draw, much as a method actor does to bring depth to his characters. If you haven’t read my novels yet, please do and let me hear your comments. I love connecting with my readers.
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  1. I think this guest post is pretty fascinating, and at the same time inspiring. Good for Monique!

  2. Thank you Samantha. if my post can inspire other women to write, when they might otherwise think it's too late, then this post will have done what I hoped it would.
    Best, Monique Domovitch


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