Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Christmas Challenge!

Ah, Christmas and reading. Two of my favourite things. I'm so excited that I get to combine them this year! How? you ask? By signing up for the Holiday Reading Challenge hosted by Book Lovers Inc.!

The BLI Holiday Reading Challenge

How exciting is this?

The idea for this challenge is to read as many Christmas novels/short stories/novellas as possible. Reading Christmas books is one of my favourite things about the holiday so I don't expect that this will be too difficult.

There are three levels that you could achieve...

Santa's Helper: read 1-3 holiday themed books
Serial Mistletoe-er: read 4-6 holiday themed books
Candy Cane-aholic: read 7 or more holiday themed books

My hope is to at least achieve Serial Mistletoe-er, if not Candy Cane-aholic but I'm being realistic in realizing that I may not have as much time as I may think I have.

Want to sign up yourself? Check out this post and get involved. This is going to be so much fun!

Happy Holidays! :)


  1. Hi Kaley! *waves* So glad to see you join the BLI Holiday Reading Challenge! :-)

    Good luck with the challenge, I'm crossing my fingers for you to reach the Candy Cane-aholic level! ;-)

  2. I just joined this challenge, too! Good luck! :)


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