Sunday, June 5, 2011

A New Challenge!

Here I am on a lovely Sunday afternoon, checking out the various blogs I read, and I got to thinking that I should try and find a new challenge to sign up for, just for kicks. Well, as I'm looking through some posts I happen upon the Vacation Reads Reading Challenge! What are the chances? It's being hosted by Ruby's Reads and Manga Maniac Cafe.

Here's the lowdown: (which, in full disclosure, I copied right from Ruby's site - which is also why the formatting is a little off and the colour won't change for me)

Participant Information: 
  • Those who decide to participate in the reading challenge will strive to read six Vacation Reads. Six is the number we've chosen for the challenge, but you can always read more.  
  • Anyone can participate, even non-bloggers. Non-bloggers can post their reviews on LibraryThing, Goodreads etc.
  • Because of the short time the challenge is going to run, the deadline to join is June 21. The challenge runs from June 21 to September 23.
Qualifying Books:
  • Any books in any genre, as long as the setting is somewhere you'd like to visit.
  • The setting may be fictional, fantastical, or historical, so long as you explain in your review why you want to "visit" there.

If you're interested make sure you head on over to one of their sites (linked above) to sign up. Now I have to put on my thinking cap and decide where I'd like to travel and which books to read. Ooh, I've got one already! Stay tuned... :)


  1. Glad we could oblige. I think the challenge is going to be a fun one, too. Thanks for joining!

  2. That sounds like a fun challenge! :)


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