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Blog Tour: When Girlfriends Take Chances

It's finally my stop on the CLP Blog Tour for When Girlfriends Take Chances by Savannah Page! I've been reading and really enjoying this series for awhile and was so happy to be able to take part in the latest tour for the When Girlfriends... series. Even though there was a little something lacking for me, I was so happy to get back into the world of Emily and her five best friends!

Here's the synopsis:
A novel about exploring love and life's path, and taking chances along the way.
Emily Saunders has never thought twice about grabbing her passport, rucksack, and camera and trekking across the globe. If there's an NGO, a study abroad program, or simply the travel itch, Emily's on the first plane out. Free-spirited, open-minded, and eager to explore, it's no wonder Emily's hardly in one spot (or relationship) for long.
For the past year and a half, though, Emily's found herself planted in her college hometown of Seattle. She's surrounded by her best friends, has steady work as a photographer and at her friend Sophie's café, and is certainly kept busy by the wild antics of her BFF Jackie. Life's enjoyable, but Emily's looking for something more. She's ready for a change, for adventure!
But when Emily tells her girlfriends she's ready for something new she does not expect Operation Blind Date!
Sure, Emily's single. Sure, she hopes to some day find true love. But being thrown into an insane challenge like this is not exactly the adventure she had in mind! Couldn't she just travel and focus on her photography? Or volunteer in Africa? Will a string of eligible bachelors lined up by her friends--a shot at finding a real and lasting love--really be that change she's searching for?
This is a spirited story about seeking adventure while being true to yourself, wherever you are in life. It's a story about love, risk, and self-discovery. About what happens when girlfriends take chances.
Like I said, I was excited to read about these girlfriends again. The friendship is, by far, my favourite thing about the series (even if I do think there are too many friends and that it gets confusing sometimes). The girls are about my age which makes things even better since I can really relate to their lives. They're at the same place in their lives as my friends and I and they do the same things I would do with my friends. It's so much fun to read about.

Of course, some girls I could relate to more than others. Emily was one of the friends who I didn't really connect with in the other books - mostly because she wasn't really around. Emily is a traveler, a wanderer, a free spirit. I was happy she got her own book so I could learn more about her and how passionate she is about traveling and giving back. I was also reminded that she's a trustfund baby which I think helps her lead her laidback lifestyle. The thing about Emily is that you cannot be jealous of her massive amounts of money because she's so down to earth and lovely.

One of the little things that bugged me was that I realized that every book has the same voice. I get that friends would sound similar but I don't think that every book should have the same tone because each book is narrated by a different friend. Think of your group of girlfriends...if each of you told your story it would sound a little different, right?

I loved that Emily was so open to Operation Blind Date. It was a lot of fun to read about all of her various dates. If she had been anti-dating it would have been a totally different scenario. She loves her friends and, deep down, really does want to find that man to love completely so why not indulge them in a little bit of matchmaking fun? I'm happy with how things ended up and am glad that she didn't end up dating any real jerks (though there were a couple that were no picnic) or have her heartbroken.

I'm finding that I'm not loving these books as much as the first few but When Girlfriends Take Chances is still a really fun novel that I think chick lit fans would enjoy. Savannah Page has created a great group of girlfriends! I'm really not sure what to expect with, what I assume will be, the last book in the series - When Girlfriends Let Go. I've never been a fan of Jackie but I desperately want to find out how the rest of the girls are doing. If you want to see what other bloggers thought of this book, head over to the CLP Blog Tour main page. And don't forget to check out a Rafflecopter giveaway!

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