Monday, November 4, 2013

Favourites with Meredith Schorr

I started this "favourites" feature because I wanted a way for readers to get to know the authors attending BookBuzz Toronto, an event I'm helping with. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about these amazing women and I hope you can attend the event! Learn more about BookBuzz Toronto here.

Author Meredith Schorr will probably win the honour of being the author of my favourite book of 2013. I freaking loved Blogger Girl - so much so that I plan on buying my very own paperback copy at the event so I can get it signed and keep it forever. Meredith is another of the co-founders of BookBuzz and will be traveling to our event from New York City. I can't wait to meet her!

About Meredith...
A born and bred New Yorker, Meredith Schorr discovered her passion for writing when she began to enjoy drafting work-related emails way more than she was probably supposed to, and was famous among her friends for writing witty birthday cards. After trying her hand writing children’s stories and blogging her personal experiences, Meredith found her calling writing “real” chick lit for real women.  When she is not hard at work on her current work in progress, Meredith spends her days as a trademark paralegal.  She is a loyal New York Yankees fan and an avid runner.  Meredith is the author of three published novels, Just Friends with Benefits, A State of Jane and Blogger Girl and is a co-founder of Book Buzz. 

Chick flickWhen Harry Met Sally – I will never get tired of watching it. Following closely behind are Bridget Jones’s Diary and 13 Going on 30.
Alcoholic beverage – I go through phases but currently my favorite is Prosecco.
Warm beverage – I couldn’t survive without coffee but for taste alone, I would go with chai latte.
Junk food – Does cheese count? I could possibly live on cheese and crackers. I’m not much of a traditional junk food addict. 
TV show – Way too difficult to choose just one as I am a television whore big-time! My current favorites include The Following, Revenge, Criminal Minds, Castle, Parenthood and The Mindy Project, but former favorites include Felicity, Sex and the City, Beverly Hills 90210, Fringe and, of course, The Brady Bunch J.
Store – Barnes & Noble. I am a book geek and would rather browse through books than racks of clothing.
Travel destinationKey West, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; and San Francisco, California are my favorite U.S. destinations as I’ve only been to Europe twice and didn’t fall in love with either country. I would love to go to Italy. Hoping Toronto makes the list soon!
Ice cream flavour – oreo mint chocolate chip
Sports team/athlete/sport – New York Yankees/Mariano Rivera/baseball – kind of a sad time for me since a) the Yankees sucked this year b) Mo retired and c) the Red Sox are in the World Series L (Blogger Note: a) Boo Yankees! ;) b) that is sad…he is amazing and c) down with the Red Sox!)
Author – Although I think so many authors are fantastic, in order to call one a “favorite”, I would have to have read at least three or four books which leaves out authors who have only published one or two books so far. I’m going to go with Sophie Kinsella since she’s my chick lit “crush” and I loved each and every one of her books with the exception of Wedding Night which I thought was a bit too silly even for her.
Band – Maroon 5, The Rolling Stones, U2, The Beatles, The Eagles, Fleetmac Mac – I’m old school!
Animal – Dog – my favorite is the Golden Retriever. My sister’s dog, Gypsy, passed away this year and she was a Golden Retriever. Our family misses her terribly.
Book boyfriend – I read about two books a week and while I have fallen in love with many book heroes, I am quite fickle and move on quickly. My current book boyfriend is Nicholas Strong from my own Blogger Girl.
Board game – I used to love to play the board game Life when I was younger. It’s crazy that the highest paid profession in the game was “doctor” and the salary was only $25,000. Times sure have changed. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Kaley! And I am beyond honored that Blogger Girl might be your favorite book for 2013. Wow! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you soon Meredith!


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