Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Touring My Bookshelves: Shelf #4

This is it, my friends. The final bookshelf tour post. Realistically, I could keep going. I keep accumulating new books and will need to put them somewhere but I need to end the tour at some point, right? I'm currently job hunting and it's likely a move will probably be in our near future so maybe I'll do a quick post when/if I have my books arranged in a way that actually makes sense. We'll see. For now, I will show you the pictures of my newest bookshelf.

I bought this shelf a few months ago from good ol' IKEA because I had piles and piles of books just hanging out on my living room floor. Not a good scene. We put the shelf together and I promptly filled it almost to bursting. 

This shelf features the paperbacks that I want to read sooner rather than later. As well as my LEGO mini-figure collection. Series 10 has a librarian that I desperately want but I have yet to find her. Since taking this picture I've found another ball player and a paintball player. But these figures are not the point of this post! Back to the books! This shelf also holds the most books that I've actually purchased. Two at full price (but with gift cards), three bargain, two used, and one on sale. The rest were won, given as review copies (I've got ARCs and finished copies here), or gifted. Are any of your favourites on this shelf? 

This started out as my hardcover shelf but I had to expand it to hold a few paperbacks as well. I purchased one book on this shelf - Revenge Wears Prada - and it was bought with a gift card and it was about 50% off. I've already read three on here (Crazy Rich Asians, Studio Saint-Ex, and The Heist) and as much as I'd like to dive into Perdita next (it takes place near Georgian Bay which I grew up by), I think Trains and Lovers will have to be read first.

On the left of this shelf are my non-fiction reads (the majority of them from when I was doing my internship at Random House of Canada) and to the right are some of my not-yet-read YA. Yes, I do own some young adult titles! I bought a couple but the others are from the Ontario Blog Squad Meet-Up from last fall. My sister bought me Judging a Book by Its Lover for Christmas and I still haven't read it. Must change that soon.

The vast majority of these books are ones that I've already read. Also, can you tell that I love Sarah Dessen? I own ten of her eleven books. The only books I haven't read on this shelf are Creeps (which has been getting good reviews and is out soon, I think), Losing It (won this one and am looking forward to seeing what the deal is with it), and the Beautiful Creatures series (another set I won because I wanted to see what the hype was about). Some excellent books are on this shelf: Emily Giffin's, Life After Life, and the first two Enchanted, Inc. books by Shanna Swendson.

So there we have it. I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek at my bookshelves over the past several weeks!

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  1. Another beautiful shelf! I've really enjoyed your Bookshelf Tours, Kaley! I hope good things come your way soon... like a new job and that librarian figurine!! :) x


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