Friday, January 4, 2013

Introducing Tonks the Bunny!

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I got a fabulous Christmas present this year. The holiday started early when my boyfriend brought me this bundle of adorableness:

This, my friends, is Tonks the bunny. I've been completely obsessed with it ever since he brought it home for me. In fact, I'm watching it run around like a spaz right now as I write this. Definitely the best Christmas present ever.

I wasn't going to do a whole post on Tonks but I started doing a Christmas/goals for 2013 kind of post and it turned into an ode to the bunny. So, I decided to bore you all with some pictures and info about my new friend :)

For those of you wondering why on earth I named the bun's named after a Harry Potter character. Tonks is the one who can change her appearance and marries Lupin. She's also a pretty kick ass character and something about the name Tonks just works for a crazy bunny!

The bunny's namesake
We're also still not too sure if the bun is a boy or a girl. Apparently the pet store didn't know and it's still getting used to us so I haven't wanted to pick it up and flip it over to check! I had to name it after a literary character (duh) and since I didn't know if it was a male or female, I didn't really want to name it Willoughby and potentially confuse it :)

Speaking of it getting used to us, it took awhile but it's finally letting me pet it without freaking out. It loves exploring the living room now, which is good. I was wondering what it would think about our house after getting used to playing in my mom's living room for a few days! It was fun to bring Tonks home with me for Christmas and I think my family really enjoyed having it there! My sister got a new camera as an early gift so she went to work taking tons of pictures of it while I was visiting. 

Isn't it just the cutest freaking thing?

This is my first real pet...ever. I've had two fish (RIP Angus and Gryffin) but that's it. So...if any of you lovely readers have any tips on bunny ownership, please pass them along!

Thank you for indulging me in my bunny obsessed post. Stay tuned for an actual recap type of post in the next couple of days!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to carry on watching Tonks do laps around the living room. Crazy animal. :)


  1. So adorable! I love the name! As soon as I saw the title of your post I was like...TONKS FROM HARRY POTTER!!! My cousin had a dwarf rabbit and now has a flop eared bunny. The rabbit she has now is so sweet and acts just like a cat haha! Have fun with your new friend :)

  2. Tonks is so cute!! LOVE the name! I'm looking forward to hearing more about Tonks' adventures and discovering if it's a Mrs or a Mr! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Tonks is just the cutest darn thing i've ever seen!! Makes me want one but...2 cats and 2 dogs would have that little bundle of fur scared stiff. Thanks for sharing your most prescious Christmas gift with us and kudos to the boyfriend! He rocked it this year huh?


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