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CLP Blog Tour: Pass the Hot Stuff

Welcome to a stop for the Pass the Hot Stuff tour hosted by CLP Blog Tours! Today I have an excerpt of the novel by Dana Page as well as a guest post from the author herself. Make sure you check out the main tour page for all the other reviews and posts for this tour!

Let's start off with the guest post! Stay tuned for the excerpt in an hour or so...can't give you all the good stuff at once! :)

Jonah Babboni Takes You on a Tour of Hot Stuff

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Jonah Babboni.  How do and slap it high, darlin’.  I’m one of the characters in Pass the Hot Stuff.  No, I’m not the hot stuff.  Although, when you hear me sing, you may beg to’ve never heard anything like it.  If you’re lucky, I’ll sing to you later, but first I’m gonna take you on a little tour.  Step on up into the carriage.  Our horse’s name is Shrimp Creole or French Onion Soup...something like that...or maybe I’m just hungry.  Maybe later, we’ll stop by Emeril’s and get down and dirty with that Grand Marnier SoufflĂ©.

We’ll start on Rue Royale here in the Quarter.  If you look over to your right, there’s Brennan’s.  That’s kind of where it all started.  My good friend Blake St. Germaine and I met the other attorneys for a drink there, and that’s where he first saw Blythe.  But she’s with Bobert.  I know.  I know.  His name is Robert.  I like to razz him a little.  It’s what I do, even if he doesn’t appreciate harmless joshing.  He had his sense of humor surgically removed, you know.  Laughter makes him uncomfortable.  In fact, it makes him look downright queasy. 

Speaking of Blythe, or as I like to call her – Miss America – look to your left, the third floor balcony with all of the lush ferns and yellow flowers...that’s her place.  That’s her dog, Lady Marmalade, barking at us.  What up, Marmalade!  Gitchy, gitchy, ya, ya, da, da!  Blythe is my buddy.  She’s a little doll.  Can I confide in you?  Let’s share a moment and make some memories...  The truth is I rarely interfere in other people’s lives...  Stop laughing.  O.K., I frequently interfere, but the point here is that I really think Blythe would be much happier with Blake than Bobert.  It’s true the two of them would be too lovely to look at, like staring into the sun.  But that’s not the point.  I just don’t believe for a second that she and Bobert are a match made in heaven.  If he wouldn’t get down and dirty with the Grand Marnier SoufflĂ© at Emeril’s the other night, I’m just not buying that he gets down and dirty with her.  Although, I’m sure he would turn up his nose at the words ‘down and dirty.’  I’m thinking associating over high tea is more his style.  Let’s put it that way.

As we head on over to Bourbon...hang on as we dodge a few liquor trucks dropping off and garbage trucks picking up from the party the night before.  See that little joint on the corner?  There’s a great blues band that plays there.  They let me sing with them when I show up, you know, on the rare occasion that I get out and about.  All right.  Stop laughing.  Maybe I’m out and about a little too much.  But one more night like we had there the other night, and I just may get my wish for Blythe and Blake to...have high tea together.  And it all started with me asking the musical question – Meet Me with Your Black Drawers On.

If my melodious serenading doesn’t get them together, then life has let me down.  The truth is Blythe must actually have a screw loose to choose the anemic Bobert over Blake.  I know she thinks Blake is too good looking, too sexy...hey, we could be describing me.  I’m only going to tell you one more time...stop laughing.  Anyway, she thinks he’s a rake, a cad...Blythe watches too many old movies.  The bottom line here is something ain’t right.  And I saw something in Memphis the other night that solidifies it.  At least, what I think I saw...

That’s why we’re heading down to the Mississippi river.  I’m meeting Tricia, Blythe’s best friend.  We’re going to solve the world’s problems over a Muffaletta.  Here she comes now.  Beautiful girl.  But she talks too much.  She’s the freakin’ Mouth of the South.  Don’t you just hate it when people won’t let you get a word in edgewise.  If anyone knows what Blythe’s problem is, Tricia does.  Stick around for the juicy details, if you’s bound to be some hot stuff.


  1. Thanks for letting me (or Jonah) write a guest post! As a way of saying thank you, The Books, Etc. readers can get 25% off on "Pass the Hot Stuff" in paperback. This offer is ONLY at Just enter the discount code: BRULKDHU at checkout. This is good through Dec. 17.

    1. It was an amusing post! I'm looking forward to reading it (once I find a wee bit of time!)

  2. This was one of my fave characters - love this post!!

    1. Thanks, Kaley and Samantha! I'm glad you liked the post.

  3. Jonah, I'm single again. Tricia can't love you like I can. Well, except that I'm human and you're a delicious character in a book. But you COULD be real. If the real-life Jonah is out there... DM me on twitter.




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