Monday, November 26, 2012

Just Finished: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I tend to enjoy a good wedding story. I feel like they provide all the necessary tension for good chick lit/romance without needing to add ridiculous plot twists. Besides, reading about weddings is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than attending them! When I found out I was one of the winners from the Still Moments Publishing Halloween blog hop, I decided to choose one of their wedding anthologies for my prize. Something Borrowed, Something Blue stood out for me and it ended up being a very enjoyable read.

Here's what the four stories are about:
Always a Bride by Darlene Henderson
Alex has walked down the aisle a hundred times in as many wedding dresses, she is “Always a Bride” but somehow she's still single. When her high school sweetheart, Harvey shows up will Alex’s walk down the aisle finally end at an altar?
Sleepless in St. Lucia by Denise Moncrief
Elise Cameron thinks the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do is watch her best friend, Trish, marry the man of Elise’s dreams. When her high school crush, Ryan Morgan, shows up at Trish’s wedding to be the best man, Elise and Ryan have to confront some old misunderstandings to find their own happily ever after.
The Ring Toss by Liv Rancourt
A last minute switch lands Mack in a long white dress, but can she commit?
An Island Wedding by Tudor Robins
When Jessa’s best friend calls off her wedding at the last moment will it be a case of “nearly a bridesmaid, never a bride?” Or will Jessa manage to stop worrying about other people’s weddings long enough to land her own true love?
Each of the four stories had something that I really liked. I think my favourite was Always a Bride and the second chance that Alex and Harvey got. It was fun to read about Elise in Sleepless in St. Lucia as her idea about Ryan completely flipped around. The Ring Toss had an adorable twist in an unlikely situation. I loved reading about Jessa as she finally realized that what was in front of her was the best thing for her in An Island Wedding.

I do have to say that The Ring Toss was a wee bit confusing because it was hard to keep track of all the characters. They were being referred to as their actual names as well as the names of the characters they were playing in the play. See, I can't even explain the confusion without confusing you! :) It wasn't a huge deal but I do wish that story had been written just a little bit differently. It does win for the best twist of the four stories, though!

Short story anthologies are always tough to review since there's not a lot of content to review on and I don't want to inadvertently give something away. So. I'm not going to say too much more. I think Something Borrowed, Something Blue was a really sweet and entertaining read. Was it my favourite anthology? No, but I still enjoyed reading all of the stories. If you're looking for some cute wedding themed stories, pick this one up!

Happy reading :)

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