Saturday, August 4, 2012

daily book pic - a final look

I'm a little behind the times on this final wrap up post but I've had a few others posts scheduled for this week and then my internet started misbehaving. Woot. Anyway. I had so much fun doing this from the awesome bookish photo a day project (started by Cassandra at Book Riot). It was neat to see the pictures other book lover's put up! Without further adieu, here are the final three pictures

Day Twenty Nine - Autographed Book

Looking at this picture makes me so happy. These are four of my Sarah Dessen books that I was able to get signed by her when I got to meet her last September. She's probably my favourite author so meeting her was one of the best things I've ever been able to do. Having these books as proof that I met her makes it that much better :)

Day Thirty - Book to Movie

I decided to go all out for this one and pull out every book that I had that had been made into a movie, and every movie that I have that was adapted from a book. Turns out I have quite a few! Being the nerd that I am, I even organized them - sort of. Starting at the top left of the all movie pile: non-fiction adaptations, Nicholas Sparks, random fiction. Top right: just books (mostly kids/teen, and fantasy to boot), Jane Austen, then the adaptations that I had both book and movie. Can you see any of your favourites in there? 

Day Thirty One - DNF (Did Not Finish)

When I still worked at the bookstore I had many girls tell me that I should give Shiver a try, so I did. Oh. My. God. I could barely stand it. It may be great for teens (think the younger end of the Twihards) but it really wasn't enjoyable for a twenty-something. Great YA, in my opinion, is when it's relatable to pretty much anyone. I know Harry Potter isn't actually YA but that's something that is appealing to all ages. It was unfortunate that I didn't end up liking Shiver but you can't win 'em all!

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