Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Finished: The Better Man

I read another of Ceri Hebert's short stories earlier this month (it was Yesterday's Tomorrow and the review can be found here if you missed it) and while The Better Man didn't capture me quite as much, I still really enjoyed the story.

Here's the synopsis:
A Dear Jane letter. A jilted bride. With the help of the Best Man, Lorelei Warren discovers that being left at the altar might be the best thing that's ever happened.
Lorelei Warren is facing every bride’s nightmare; she’s been left at the altar with nothing but a Dear Jane letter from the cheating groom and a church full of friends and family. Will Draper, her best friend and the best man is there to pick up the pieces. He’s been in love with Lorelei for years and he can’t resist her. Now Lori has to decide what direction her life will head, especially when it comes to Will. Can she risk losing his friendship or is what she feels for Will worth pursuing?
The story starts in an incredibly emotional moment - Lori has just been dumped...with a letter...on her wedding day. This blows the Post It Note break-up right out of the water. I was immediately in Lori's corner and was ready to trash the ex-groom right along with her bridesmaids. This helped me connect with Lori right away and I loved that. I was invested in her life right from the start and cared about what was going to happen to her.

I knew what would happen between Will and Lori but I was interested to see how it would happen. I was pleasantly surprised when Hebert threw a bit of a twist in the story and sent Lori on her road trip honeymoon - without Will. What was going to happen!? Again, I was invested and curious to find out if Lori would eventually get her happily ever after.

I'm really glad I got the chance to read The Better Man by Ceri Hebert. It was a sweet story with a great romance and I think a lot of others would like reading it as well (you can purchase it on Still Moments Publishing's website here). Since I've now enjoyed two of Hebert's stories I will definitely be on the lookout for what she writes next!

Happy reading :)

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