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daily book pic - week three recap

Welcome to the end of week three of the wonderfulness that has been daily book pic! (Just in case you're new to my blog and haven't heard of this bookish photoaday, check out my week one recap...and week two, if you're still interested!)

Day Fifteen - Marginalia

What is marginalia, you ask? Any writing or inscriptions in books, particularly in the margins. Wondering what that has to do with the above photo? Well, my friends, I don't like writing in books. The only time in recent memory I've written in a book is in university and college when I was marking up textbooks. Since I didn't have any books that really fit this category I decided to take a picture of these post it note-esque tags one of my best friends got me for Christmas. She thought they'd come in handy for my reviews. I really enjoy  them!

Day Sixteen - Cover Art

I admit that I sometimes judge books by their covers. Honestly, who doesn't? The Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series always caught my eye when I used to work at the bookstore. I had no idea what they were about but, my god, I loved the covers. I don't own the books (I believe I ended up frequenting my local library for these ones...whatever my local library was at that time) so I couldn't get a good picture of the cover for this photo prompt. Cue Goodreads. Unfortunately the pic turned out crummy so I will include a picture I used for one of my past reviews:


Day Seventeen - Favourite Bookstore

Another admission: I really didn't want to use a chain store for this prompt. I think there's something to be said about local, indie bookstores. However. I have no idea where good indie stores are around St. Catharines (give me a bit of a break...only been here a few months and lack the funds to buy books from these indie stores, or any other stores for that matter). I ended up deciding on a picture of the store front of the Coles I worked at for a summer six years ago and again two summers ago. Not only did I work at this store but this was also the bookstore I frequented when I was young, no doubt begging my mom to buy me some books. I remember having my own money and getting gift cards for my birthday and choosing out my own books at this store. I've worked at two other Coles stores since I started at this one but this will always be the first!

Day Eighteen - Book Club

My, this post is full of revelations. Here's another: I don't actually belong to a book club. I went to one meet up when I first moved here but the club is on hiatus for the summer so I don't feel like I officially belong to it yet. I was stumped for what to do for this prompt until I remembered the reading challenge my local library is holding this summer. The deal is to read at least five books over the summer and there will be a draw for a winner at the end. I figure I'm going to be reading anyway so I may as well share the titles with fellow library goers. 

Day Nineteen - Reading Glasses

I don't have reading glasses. I imagine I will once I'm older but I'm only 25 so I don't see that happening any time soon. I decided to have some fun with this one and set up my stuffed giraffe Darwin with my glasses (that I need for distance) and the book What the Dog Saw. As my boyfriend put it, I'm sure he'd rather be reading What the Giraffe Saw.

Day Twenty - Book Pusher

You've got a pusher friend. It may not be for books but could be for movies or food or video games. They're those people who you always go to for advice and they will happily chat about the subject in question for hours...even after you've stopped listening. No surprises here, I'm the book pusher among my friends and family. I'm always the one people come to for suggestions and I'm a lending library to my mom, sister, and close friends (I'm a bit anal when it comes to my books so I don't like lending my books to just anyone! Yes. I know that's kind of odd.). In this photo you'll see a list of books I'm suggesting to my sister (it's a work in progress...been working on it for a few months and she keeps bugging me for it) and my old Coles name tag. I included that because that's where I honed my book recommending skills. It takes a special kind of person to recommend something to a guy who comes in looking for a book for his girlfriend and has no clue what she really likes. Yes, that actually happens. Often. :)

(PS this photo got put into the daily compilation on Book Riot! That's two so far!)

Day Twenty One - Books in the Wild

Another opportunity to have some fun! I wasn't sure what the idea was for this one. Did "books in the wild" mean seeing people reading out in public? Or did it mean books that were surrounded by the jungle? I decided to go more towards the latter and put a book into my garden (ok, since we're being honest in this post, the boyfriend is the one who takes care of the garden). I thought it was fitting that I picked Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. It's obviously confused since it's sitting in a summer garden! :)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my recap! We've got another week and a couple days left so stay tuned after the end of the month when I'll recap the rest of the month!

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  1. LOVE this!! What great pictures!

    Also... The Bridal Quartet was an amazing series. I read them from the library too and then actually went out and bought them. Her new series, Boonsboro, has equally amazing covers!



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