Sunday, July 29, 2012

daily book pic - week four recap

Well, friends, we're nearing the end of the daily book pic! I've been having so much fun taking my own pictures and checking out some of the top ones compiled on Book Riot. So, without further adieu, here are my pics from week four!

Day Twenty Two - Comfort Reads

I chose the Harry Potter series for my comfort reads for a couple of reasons. First, the story is so gripping. Second, the writing is phenomenal. You've all read books that are just utter crap - awful story, horrendous writing. If I wanted to restore my faith in books and authors and remind myself that there were excellent books out there, I would turn to Harry Potter. What would you choose?

Day Twenty Three - Learning to Read

This was a bit of a tough one as I don't have any need for learning to read books in my house (I don't think my fish can be taught and my boyfriend and I have a good grasp on literacy). I then remembered that I still had two books that were birthday presents for my boyfriend's niece! (They're a little delayed...her birthday was July 4...2 years old and adorable!) This shot shows the page that convinced me to buy it - who doesn't love pink giraffes? :)

Day Twenty Four - Book Quote

Not the best photo, I know, but this necklace has a quote from Louisa May Alcott: "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain" I got this from Etsy from the store BookFiend. She has some amazingly awesome stuff and I urge all bookworms to check out her shop - there's jewellery (including some awesome leather cuffs - I want one of these ones but I don't know what quote I'd pick!), stickers, magnets, bookmarks, and more! Here's a better shot of the necklace from her page:

Day Twenty Five - Book Bag

When I saw this prompt I immediately thought of this bag. It was a birthday gift from one of my friends (who will be mentioned again in the next description) and I use it every day for work. I pop my lunch in there along with the book I'm reading. I was looking at the compilation of pictures on Book Riot the next day and I realized that I thought differently than a lot of other folk. They took pictures of bags they got from bookstores. Didn't even think of that! Ah well. It's all about the creativity, right? (PS If you're as in love with this bag as I am, check out the shop Sugar and Candy on Etsy, that's where it came from and she's got some gorgeous stuff!)

Day Twenty Six - Re-purposed Books

I cheated a wee bit with this one as this picture is from last summer. I was in a little shop in a small town and came across this purse made out of an old copy of Heidi. I had to take a picture for my friend who shares a name with the protagonist (she's also the one who gave me that gorgeous bag in the book bag picture!). I would have considered getting it for her but it was well out of my price range. That, and this purse isn't exactly Heidi's style :)

Day Twenty Seven - Outdoor Reading Spot

Summer is the best time for reading because you can read in so many spots and you're not limited to the indoors. While I love reading at my best friend's beach or my boyfriend's parents pool, I haven't been able to do so much this summer as I'm now a few hours away. Instead, my new favourite spot is in my backyard. I've got a nice patio set (the colour scheme isn't perfect but the chairs are surprisingly comfortable) and we back out onto a ball park and two soccer fields. Lovely.

Day Twenty Eight - A Well-Worn Book

Ah, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One of my all time favourite books, and series. Though, that's not too surprising when you see what kind of state the first book is in. It's the only one of the four (well, five) that I have in soft cover and it's showing some wear and tear. I've read it countless times, my sister has as well, and we've both lent it to quite a few of our friends. I've considered buying a hardcover copy to go with the rest of my set (the others aren't nearly as worn) but I kind of like my beat up copy. It shows that this book is well loved. :)

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