Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour: Unlocked

Welcome to a stop on the Unlocked blog tour hosted by CLP Blog Tours! Through this tour I got the chance to read Rachael O'Bryan's novel. This review's going to be a tough one so I'm just going to dive into the synopsis and then we'll go from there.
In Unlocked the main character Rebecca takes the reader on a journey through a collection of short stories concerning nine guys she met while being a tutor in college for the football team. She recounts her struggles with love, friendship, self-confidence, trust, acceptance, and heartache. The stories indicate how people and relationships can really shape a person's life. 
I have to be totally and completely honest and tell you that I didn't really like this book. The biggest issue for me is that the writing really needed to be polished. There were awkward sentences and missing words and I think it could have benefited from more/better editing.

I did end up liking the way this book was laid out. It was interesting to get Rebecca's current situation, a flashback, and then her reflection on what happened and how she was going to move forward. It was a wee bit repetitive but I did enjoy that each story focused on a different guy and her relationship with them, past and present.

Speaking of her relationships with these guys - I've had crushes on multiple guys before (way back in high school which I graduated from seven years ago but it was also the last time I was single) but I didn't consider myself to be madly in love with any of them, let alone a few of them at the same time, like Rebecca did when she was in college. I couldn't quite grasp who it was that she really wanted to be with. Of course, that may not have been the goal and she really could have been "in love" with several of them at once. My point is that it didn't ring true to me and I had a bit of an issue with that.

Overall, I can't quite recommend this one. There are probably people out there who would like it but, unfortunately, I just wasn't one of them. Want to hear what others thought? Check out the tour's main page over at CLP Blog Tours.

Happy reading :)

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