Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Finished: When Love Aligns

Welcome to my very first single short story review! I've reviewed compilations a few times before but When Love Aligns by Jennifer Daiker is the first stand alone short story that I've read in awhile. I've read some of Daiker's work before and really enjoyed it so I was expecting good things from this story.

Let's start off with the synopsis:

What do you do when you match the love of your life to someone else? Time is running out for this Goddess of Love to set things right and win her soul mate’s heart…without magic. Matchmaking just got a lot more interesting.
Drew just made the worst mistake the Goddess of Love could ever make. Accidentally matching her soul mate to another woman! What was she thinking?
Match making has always been Drew’s destiny – it’s the only things she’s good at. But time is of the essence, and the last thing she needs is for the Gods to discover her glitch. Her Goddess of Love status would be severed permanently. Now Drew has to convince Jack that she’s his one true love…without the use of her magic! Will she succeed before it’s too late?
As usual, Daiker created a sweet and entertaining story. I liked that she included a magical element because I haven't encountered a good magical chick lit story in awhile. It was an interesting premise - what would happen if the Goddess of Love fell in love herself? Is that even allowed? I liked following Drew and Jack and wondered how they would be able to be together.

I have found that I'm the type of person who will not read the synopsis right before reading the book. I'll read it when I buy it or agree to accepting a review copy but I won't read it again until I'm putting it up in a post. I've found that this gives me more surprises and allows me to enjoy the book more because I'm not expecting anything that was given away in the write up. In the case of this short story, I completely forgot that the main character was the Goddess of Love. I was a bit confused at the start but I don't think that all came from not knowing that Drew was magical. I feel like I was missing a chapter because I wasn't sure who all the characters were and it seemed as though I was expected to. Fortunately, this confusion was the only negative I found with this story.

Did I love When Love Aligns as much as I did the other stories Daiker has written? No. Will I read whatever she comes out with next? Absolutely. Jennifer Daiker has quickly become an author I want to keep an eye on because she always creates sweet but real and entertaining stories. I look forward to reading her next work!

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